Who We Are


Means restoration.

Aruka Collection is a collection of beautifully crafted products, made by vulnerable and underrepresented communities who have been restored after times of needs.
Through the stories of these hands that weave and create, we are reminded that there is beauty in brokenness, and that when something is restored, it becomes better than it was to begin with.
Our collections are handcrafted with love, hope and deep understanding - because every life matters. 
And our lives become richer and happier when we experience restoration. We hope that you will experience aruka moments in your life too. 

What Are Aruka Moments?

These are the moments when you...

*Realise you don't have to be perfect to be beautiful

*Rejoice in helping others

*Reignite dreams for your future

Our Values


We believe that everything we do matters when love is the motivation.


We embrace our broken past and look forward with hope to a brighter future. 

Decent Work 

We believe in the dignity of honest hard work.


Our Team

We are 2 good friends who known each other since teenage years. We share similar values and a mission to make a difference.

Christel, Co-founder

A former flight attendant, Christel has travelled to many cities around the world. Through first-hand experience, she has learnt that while cultures vary, our humanity is the same.

Many people look good on the outside but carry brokenness on the inside. We feel the same emptiness, and desire to be loved and accepted just as we are.

Always up for exploration in the local markets whenever she travels, Christel could not help but look beyond the products to the hands and lives that create them. Conversations with the artisans gave her an intimate glimpse into how precious and yet, precarious, their lives are.

She hopes Aruka Collection can provide communities access to sustainable employment and be restored to how they were created to be - beautiful and dignified.

Vivien, Co-founder

As a design thinking practitioner, Vivien enjoys using her talent and time working on meaningful projects that bring an impact in people’s lives.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs has allowed Vivien to see how business can truly transform communities.

In her free time, she enjoys painting and making pottery with her sons. She hopes that these skills can be used to train the communities to make beautiful handcrafted products.